Scars will heal soon
The dregs in us spent the earth down

Better than drowning in a burlap sack
I live. As Alice. I die.
Children shouldn't play with dead things
Foaming crows
Tear at their wings
Sad eyes cry crimson blood

Drop it it's dead
Wheels won't turn they won't turn the birdy's head
Sad eyes sad eyes like sharpened daggers
You'll never walk only stagger
Sad eyes quite cryptic




Bronze by gold heard the hoofirons, steelyringing imperthnthn thnthnthn.
Chips, picking chips off rocky thumbnail, chips. Horrid!
And gold flushed more.
A husky fifenote blew.
Blew. Blue bloom is on the
Gold pinnacled hair.
A jumping rose on satiny breasts of satin, rose of Castille.
Trilling, trilling: I Dolores.
Peep! Who's in the... peepofgold?
Tink cried to bronze in pity
And a call, pure, long and throbbing. Longindying call
Decoy. Soft word. But look! The bright stars fade. O rose! Notes chirruping
Answer. Castille. The morn is breaking.
Jingle jingle jaunted jingling.
Coin rang. Clock clacked.
Avowal. Sonnez. I could. Rebound of garter. Not leave thee.
Sweetheart, goodbye!
Avowal. Warm.

When love absorbs.

War! War! The tympanum.
A sail! A veil awave upon the waves.
Horn. Hawhorn.
When first he saw. Alas!
Full tup. Full throb.
Warbling. Ah, lure! Alluring.
Martha! Come!
Clapclop. Clipclap. Clappyclap.
Goodgod henev erheard inall.
Deaf bald Pat brought pad knife took up.
A moonlight nightcall: far: far.
I feel so sad. P. S. So lonely blooming.


Heres my genius plan to make a superior man...